electronic Procedure Package (ePP)


ePP is a mobile application that will dramatically facilitate the acquisition, performance, review and record storage or disposal of completed procedures.

ePP provides users the ability to search, download and check out to a tablet device, controlled procedures and other documents and drawings from their existing Electronic Document Management System (EDMS).


ePP can be used by any organization who desires to perform procedures without the need for the procedure to be associated to a work order generated from an Enterprise Asset Management product.

Once the desired procedure (and if desired associated support or reference procedures, documents and drawings) are checked-out to a tablet device, the user performs the procedure using a stylus and standard procedure use and adherence techniques. Partially completed procedures can be checked in and checked back out (to the same or different devices) as many times as needed until the procedure is completed. A completed procedure can either be checked in and discarded, or checked in for supervisor review, then either discarded or converted to a PDF/A for transmittal as a QA record.

Wireless connectivity (WiFi or cell) is only required at the beginning and end of the procedure process. Once the procedure is checked out to a mobile device, the user can complete the procedure without any connectivity.

There are varying levels of work flow functionality that can be applied to each ePP individually based on business rules. Increasing ePP work flow functionality improves process oversight, control and visibility, with only minimal impact to project implementation time, training, change management and overall cost. The DataGlance ePP solution allows for each customer to determine what level of functionality is desired to optimize their mobile procedure package process on case by case bases. The most simple ePP work flow is Create – Work – Complete. However, it expected that in most cases the desired procedure work flow will include Create – Add – Work – Review – Complete – QA Record. Below is an example ePP work flow diagram for this expanded work flow.


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