DGPro™ Solutions

eMaintain streamlines your work package processes by eliminating many of the administrative tasks typically required with a traditional solution. This paperless solution electronically creates, delivers and tracks your mission critical work packages throughout the work management process from the time that they are ready to work to completion and record archiving. eMaintain integrates to your existing Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system to manage and synchronize work package status, progress and data throughout the work package life cycle.

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With eRoutine, you eliminate the paper and many of the manual & administrative tasks associated with paper based minor work task processes. eRoutine is specifically designed for less complex, smaller work tasks that can take advantage of an overall simplified work process. eRoutine electronically creates, delivers and tracks your minor work tasks throughout the work management process from the time that they are ready to work to completion and if desired, record archiving. eRoutine can also integrate to your existing Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system to manage and synchronize work task status, progress and data throughout the work task life cycle or be used independently from an EAM system.

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ePerform provides your field professionals an updated Mobile Document Library (MDL) that contains the latest version of all the relevant documents they might need to perform a task. Once in the field, your professionals can select and self-create from their Mobile Document Library one or more documents to create a uniquely trackable “working copy package”, even when disconnected. Your field professional can then add additional documents and media uniquely designated ePerform working copy package.

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eHelp provides three ways for your field professions to obtain immediate job site assistance by using, audio, video or merged video reality. Using your secure company WiFi network, field professionals can discuss, show and even use two-way merged live video to obtain assistance without ever leaving the job site. Merged video reality allows your field professional to show actual live field video of the condition, merged to a remotely located person who can point, telestrate, annotate on frozen images, use hand gestures, pictures and even add real objects into the merged reality scene.

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eTest provides a mobile electronic solution to complete complex specialized testing, such as Ultrasonic Testing (UT). eTest automates most of the administrative activities associated with Ultrasonic Testing and eliminates or significantly reduces the potential for human documentation or performance errors. With eTest, your UT professionals can accomplish more by focusing their expertise on locating and characterizing flaws instead of managing the documentation associated with these tests.

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DGPro™ Solutions

DGProTM Next-Generation eWork Solutions Platform Fast and efficient mobile work solutions for Energy Industry ProsThe organization needs to effectively manage, unify, and communicate this data in real time to get the competitive edge. DGPro™ is suite of on-demand, integrated, field tested eWork apps that empower and enable your workforce to maximize efficiency, productivity and accountability.


Reduce Cost

  • Reduce Need for Redundant Paper
  • Reduce Work Package Assembly Time
  • Eliminate Redundant Data Entry
  • Track Work Packages Digitally w/ Auto-Alerts
  • Full-time Connectivity Not Required
  • Simple Dashboard Tracking
  • Automates Manual Processes
  • Support for Windows, iOS and Android

Improve Productivity

  • Automate Controlled Doc Validation
  • Electronic Work Package Check-In/Check-Out
  • Mobile Access to Doc Library
  • Intuitive Easy-logic User Experience
  • Full-time Connectivity Not Required
  • Speed up Work Package reviews, approvals and offer technical assistance remotely

Improve Work Quality

  • Integrated workforce performance tools
  • Capture/share field photos, videos w/ messaging support
  • Leverage visual how-to images
  • Remote verification of job detail (unit/component)