eWP electronic Work Package (eWP)

eWP is the missing foundational technology needed to improve overall work productivity and quality

The DataGlance eWP solution is much more than data collection and the annotation of documents, procedures, checklists, and drawings on a mobile device. With this solution, the paper based work management process is replaced with a electronic work flow engine to manage, monitor and control eWPs through every step of the complex and critical work management process – Creation, Review, Edit, Pre-work Routing, Authorization, Assignment, Validation, Revision, Perform Work, Completion Documentation, Post Maintenance Test, Closeout Review, Specialty Post-work Routing, Final Approval, QA Record Generation, and Archival.

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eWR electronic Work Request (eWR)

eWR is a mobile application used for “minor maintenance”, which is an essential element to reducing maintenance costs

Both the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO) and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) “stresses maximizing the use of the minor maintenance processes” to lower the cost of maintenance. The DataGlance eWR (electronic Work Request or electronic Notification) process provides a method to electronically work minor maintenance tasks that do not require using the normal work planning process.

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ePP electronic Procedure Package (ePP)

ePP provide the means to electronically perform procedures that are not associated to work orders

eWP provides the tool to perform procedures that are associate to EAM work orders. ePP provides the tool perform procedures without the need for the procedure to be associated to a work order. ePP allows users the ability to search, download and check out to a tablet device, controlled documents and procedures from their existing Electronic Document Management System (EDMS). Partially completed procedures can be check out and checked back in as many times as needed until the procedure is completed. A completed procedure can either be checked in and discarded, or checked in for supervisor review for transmittal as a QA record. As with eWP, a complete electronic work flow engine to manage, monitor and control ePPs through every step of the procedure process is provided.

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wPP Work Package Print (WPP)

Reduce work package printing and assembly time while improving the look and usability of printed work packages with the DataGlance Work Print Package (WPP).

Many utilities have found significant financial and business benefits from the implementation of the DataGlance DocPlus solution for printed Work Packages. The benefits include easier to use paper based work packages, reduced work package printing and assembly time and improved work package design with better Human Performance features. DataGlance’s applications allow our clients to manage and present data in ways that are a dramatic improvement over existing solutions.

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Active Documents and Forms Active Documents and Forms

Users can create PDFs that have active fields where data can be recorded one time in the PDF that can then be validated and read back into existing data bases.

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Document Generation Document Generation

DocPlus provides customers with a design tool that allows them to easily customize documents and forms with an array of functional enhancements that end users have not been able to create.

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ABB ABB Specific Solutions

DataGlance has partnered with ABB’s Enterprise Software Group, an ABB Company to offer Pre-Built Solutions for the Asset Suite and EMPAC Product Lines.

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