DataGlance™ ServicePlus

As a component of the DataGlance™ Framework, ServicePlus employs web services to access data in your RDBMS-based enterprise applications and solutions. ServicePlus provides a full-feature environment for designing, developing, and deploying Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) services. Each DataGlance™ Services is defined with a Business Object. A Business Object represents a Business Entity, such as a work order or purchase order. A Business Object captures all relevant information for an entity, and is processed with XML. Because ServicePlus encapsulates much of the complexity of XML, users with no experience with XML or Web Services can easily develop, test, and deploy a ServicePlus web service. Using ServicePlus, you can quickly and easily:

  • Develop custom web-based user interfaces to any RDBMS-based enterprise application that will retain its usability following system software upgrades and maintenance updates.
  • Configure and expose a wide variety of data services that can be invoked simply and directly with a URL.
  • Perform XML transformations — facilitate the sharing of interfaces and data among any number of applications, on any platform. This has potential for becoming a data exchange engine in your enterprise.
  • A Build a Data Bridge to integrate legacy or proprietary systems that lack native support for XML-compatible interfaces or data transfers.

ServicePlus Features
  • Built-in XML Designer for defining XML data formats.
  • Build and expose services using a standard http/https URLs.
  • View and validate XML data that will generated by a DataGlance™ Service, before making it available as a web service.
  • Built in mapping and transformation capabilities for defining an XML transformation
  • Combine XML data from multiple applications and data sources into a single XML.
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