The DataGlance ServicePlus Application is part of the DataGlance Framework and embraces the concept of using Data Services to access information within your RDBMS based Enterprise Applications/Solutions.

ServicePlus provides a comprehensive design, development, and deployment infrastructure for Services based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

Using ServicePlus, you can quickly and easily:

  • Develop a Custom web-based intranet user interface to any RDBMS based Enterprise Application or Solution that will persist in the face of upgrades and patches as the underlying Applications move forward
  • Configure and expose any number of Data Services that can be invoked using a URL
  • Perform XML Transformation. This could become the foundation of a Data Exchange engine within your enterprise – facilitating interface and data sharing between any number of Applications on any platform.
  • Build a Data Bridge for legacy or homegrown systems that do not natively support XML style interfaces or transfers

Product Features

  • Built in XML Designer to define XML data format
  • View the XML data generated by a Service before it is available as a Web Service
  • Build and expose services using a standard http/https URL
  • Built in Mapping and Transformation capability to define XML transformation
  • Combine XML data from multiple Application/Data Source into a single XML

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