DataGlance MobilePlus integrates with the customers’ existing single or multiple Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems and selected DataGlance Framework products to manage work packages and data throughout the entire eWP work flow life cycle.

ABB (Asset Suite), SAP or Maximo are commonly used large business EAM systems and Documentum, FileNet or SharePoint are the commonly used Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS). DataGlance products are specifically designed to interface with all EAM and EDMS including other less common EAM and EDMS systems commonly called “home grown” systems.

The figure below provides a high level work flow used to design and implement the interactions between the EAM system (gray box), MobilePlus workstation (green box) and MobilePlus Tablet (red box) for the DataGlance eWP solution. The work flow depicted below will be modified based on detailed business process discussions during the design and analysis phase of the project.


DataGlance MobilePlus product consists of two modules.

  • MobilePlus for Workstation
  • MobilePlus for Tablet

MobilePlus for Workstation is role based and supports the actions or activities needed to manage eWP through the desired workflow. The workstation can be accessed by URL from any computer with proper security authentication. Engineers, Design Supervisors, Foreman, Construction Supervisors, pre and post work package Reviewers and record management personnel mostly interface with eWP using the workstation.

The following is a sample of the functionality MobilePlus for Workstation and Tablet provides:

  • Route work package related forms for review and approval prior to generation of eWP
  • Create and assemble eWP (automatically based on customers’ business process or manually)
  • Electronically route work package or related documents for pre-review and approval
  • Assign eWP to mobile device to perform field walkdowns
  • Create and apply status markers to selected documents to automate task progress reporting
  • Obtain operations and supervisor electronic authorization to start work
  • Assign eWP to crew, individual or mobile device to perform field work
  • Create duplicate eWPs
  • Perform eWP task – conduct pre-job brief, annotate on documents/procedures, collect data, request changes, add images, provide feedback, perform close out review, return to planner, return to supervisor
  • Electronically designate and store selected work orders as “Job Jar”
  • Manage working eWP revisions to work instructions or procedure changes
  • Remotely monitor eWP for progress by supervisor or others
  • Review and closeout eWP after the work is completed
  • Force check in an eWP (supervisor)
  • Send eWP specific or global eWP alerts (Critical or Informational)
  • Select / de-select documents for final work package QA record
  • Send completed eWPs for additional “specialized” post work reviews
  • Generate QA record and send to archival
  • Manage eWP Library forms, procedures, devices and alerts
  • Monitor eWP metrics – Dashboard

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