DataGlance’s MapPlus Application provides a single, unified platform to perform the data extractions; data transformations and data injections for any Data Migration effort.

MapPlus revolutionizes the Data Migration paradigm, building the Elements, Objects and Relationships profile for the source and target systems within the DataGlance framework and maintaining the Referential Integrity of the underlying applications throughout the extraction, transformation and injection process.

DataGlance exposes Business Elements within the source and target systems – Business Elements that facilitate accessing and mapping the data in the source and target systems with general business vocabulary such as Work Order, Purchase Order, etc. as opposed to technical constructs such as ROW, COLUMN, TABLE and SCHEMA.

DataGlance Designer provides the MapPlus user graphical constructs to facilitate defining Business Elements that are not pre-defined in Baseline MapPlus. Baseline and User Constructed Business Elements can be utilized after the Data Migration for Services and/or Interfaces.

DataGlance MapPlus also allows you to perform the Data Injection directly into a LIVE Production System – eliminating the need for lengthy outages!

Product Features

  • Reduce Production downtime by performing LIVE or multi-stage data conversion/migration, effectively reducing the associated cost.
  • Business driven Data Conversion/Migration architecture.
  • A common development canvas for key stakeholders; Data Modeler, Analysts and Developers.
  • The data conversion/migration effort at Business Entity level, simplifies, expedites, and reduces errors associated with data conversion/migration projects, substantially reducing the data conversion/migration cost.
  • The data conversion/mapping rules are defined between source and target Business Entities. This enables the data to be transferred with data integrity, reducing the chances of loading incomplete or orphan data.
  • Ability to apply consistent changes across Business Entity, reducing the time required in data validation.
  • The data conversion/migration rule (mapping rule) at Business Entity level can be performed by team member(s) without worrying about the underlying data structure, reducing the overall data conversion/migration cost.
  • A Data Analyst with minimum or no programming experience can define mapping rules without worrying about data structure. This effectively uses the resources familiar with data in data conversion/migration, ensuring a high data quality in converted data.
  • The data can be converted without worrying about the order in which the data is converted. This reduces the number of execution unit resulting in simplified data conversion process.
  • Analyze, Profile and Validate data at Business Entity level before converting/migrating data.

MapPlus Application Data Sheet

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