DocPlus is a Document Generation Application that is used to create documents from your Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) System that are too complex or cumbersome to be output using your EAM’s baseline printing capability.

Today, documents frequently will need to include information from any number of sources from other Enterprise Applications/Solutions – as well as unstructured data sources like Word documents, Excel worksheets, images, flat files, etc.

All of this information – from all of these sources – is accessible to DocPlus. DocPlus combines everything into a single PDF/TIFF/WORD document with Smart Headers and Footers, Tables of Content, Watermarks and any number of other data-driven features.

DocPlus is in use today by companies around the world to create:

  • Work Order Print Packages
  • Request for Quote Packages
  • Request for Pricing Packages
  • QA Records Generation PDF PDF/A or TIFF Format

DocPlus can create Active Form PDFs that can be filled out by Vendors or Workers in the field and that data then automatically uploaded back into your EAM system using DataGlance’s MapPlus/Service Plus.

DocPlus Overview

RFQ Process with DocPlus

DocPlus Application Data Sheet

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