DataGlance’s ArcPlus Application provides an easy to implement Data Archive and Restore Solution for any RDBMS based Enterprise Application/Solution.

ArcPlus is built on the DataGlance Framework. The Framework contains the mappings of the core Elements, Objects and Relationships within the backend Database that support the top level application.

ArcPlus user definable Business Elements built out within the Framework to facilitate archive removal of data based on Business Definitions and Rules. Data can be archived real-time, while the Enterprise Application/Solution remains operational and the archived data can be stood up in an archive specific instance of the enterprise Application/Solution – or migrated to any Data Store/Data Warehouse.

ArcPlus also provides the capability to carve out Plant or Facility specific data, allowing you to stand up a Plant or Facility specific versions of your Enterprise Application/Solution as part of a plant or facility sale.

Product Features

  • Archive data using a Data Model or a single table based on company policy or business rules
  • Maintain Referential Integrity intact
  • Metadata based code free solution
  • Support to keep link in Production database to Archive Data
  • Built-in capability to verify Archive Data before it is deleted from Production database
  • Data Archived in a non-proprietary format
  • Support to Restore Data
  • Comprehensive statistics and logging capabilities

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