About DataGlance™

About DataGlance™


DataGlance™, Inc. provides solutions, products and services for Mobile and Enterprise Data Management.

DataGlance™, has been driving efficiency in the energy industry with transformative eWork Solutions since 2001 through deployment of a suite of mobile eWork solutions and apps (DGPro™) that align with all existing major enterprise data management software platforms. In simple terms - DataGlance™ empowers and enables your Workforce Pros to do more daily. DGPro™ Mobile eWork Solution apps are used extensively in the utility and assset management space to dramatically improve work process productivity, reduce system downtime, improve speed and quality of data migration and archiving to greatly enhance the presentation, production and use of critical forms and documents.

Company foundation

DataGlance™ was originally established on a foundational suite of data management products. More recently, DataGlance™ transformed it's foundational data management technologies to develop and implement an industry leading mobile work management solution suite, known as DGPro™ eWork Solutions Hub. Today, DataGlance™ is an industry leader in implementing mobile-based eWork solutions and continues to expand its state of the art suite of eWork mobile solutions and products while working in close partnership with top Utility and Energy Industry service providers.

Why DataGlance™

In today’s high-speed data intensive work environment, energy industry pros recognize that success depends on the ability to manage and exchange data across disparate systems that service wide-ranging geographies. Now, more than ever, 'mobile solutions and applications' are a critical component to ensure fast and efficient flow of information. Competition is fierce and compliance is relentless, so energy providers must find ways to reduce costs and improve efficiencies. This mandates that they employ fast and effective mobile communications to ensure that they effectively manage, unify, and communicate data in real, or near real time, between plants, facilities and their mobile work forces. The days of a single Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software system being able to satisfy all the needs of a business are over. Today’s business environment demands the ability to integrate existing EAM systems with numerous other specialized databases and mobile applications to optimize productivity and efficiency.

"DataGlance is proud to be consistently recognized for providing Industry Leading e-solutions; however, our most important objective is always to meet or exceed our Energy Customer needs. Receiving Awards is certainly noteworthy, but our ambition is to simplify the lives of the Energy Pro's who use and depend upon our suite of mobile eWork solutions on a daily basis."
Ashok Shetty, CEO