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Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) selects DataGlance to develop electronic Test Package (eTP) solution to document Non-Destructive Examination results

EPRI NDESince 1980, the EPRI Non-Destructive Examination (NDE) Program has been developing technologies and procedures to quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively inspect, identify and characterize nuclear component flaw indications using Ultrasonic Testing (UT) examination.

The EPRI NDE center also maintains and operates one of the most comprehensive personnel NDE Ultrasonic Testing (UT) Performance Demonstration (PD) programs in the country. EPRI currently develops NDE PD paper test packages which are very similar in content, performance and review to nuclear plant work order packages. Candidates use these PD test packages to demonstrate their ability to accurately locate, characterize and document flaws in accordance with ASME Section XI, Appendix 8 requirements.

DataGlance and EPRI are working together to replace the existing Performance Demonstration paper based process with a mobile electronic process to capture, document, analyze and archive candidate flaw characterization performance.