Maintain Productivity and Safety at the Touch of a Finger

eHelp provides multiple ways for your field professions to obtain immediate job site assistance by using message, audio, video or merged video reality. Using your secure company WiFi network, field professionals can discuss, show and even use two way merged live video to obtain assistance without ever leaving the job site. The merged video reality allows the field professional to remotely collaborate with an expert by blending the live video of the field condition with the live support from the expert. The expert can point, illustrate, annotate, use hand gestures, and add real objects to the merged video with the ability to take and store pictures.

With eHelp, the desired assistance to maintain productivity and safety is only seconds away from your field professionals.

Features and Benefits:
  • Allows field pros to access help from any remote location with a secure WiFi connection
  • Ensures conformance to facility policies
  • Completely paperless
  • Flexibility to meet your business processes
  • Support for multiple platforms (Windows, iOS and Android)
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