DataGlance™ DocPlus

DataGlance™ products and resources are used extensively in the Utility and Asset Management space to improve the speed and quality of data migration and archiving and to greatly enhance the presentation, production and use of critical documents such as Work Order Print Packages, Contacts, Purchase Orders, Requests for Quotes and Requests for Pricing. DocPlus is a Document Generation Application for creating documents out of your Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system—documents that are too large or complex to manage with the baseline printing capability of your EAM. Many businesses need to manage documents that contain information from many different sources, including Enterprise Applications/Solutions. These documents also typically contain content from unstructured data sources such as Microsoft Word and Excel documents, image, and flat files.

Automatic Document Generation

Information from all of these sources is accessible to DocPlus, which combines all information into a single PDF, TIFF or Word document that features automatically generated Smart Headers & Footers, Tables of Contents, watermarks, and many other data-driven features. DocPlus is in use today by many companies around the world to create elaborate document such as these:

  • Work order Print packages
  • Request for Quote packages
  • Request for Pricing packages
  • Request for Pricing packages

DocPlus goes well beyond other solutions that merely stitch together multiple documents. The document design tool makes it easy to customize documents with an array of functional enhancements such as dynamic headers, footers, cover pages, tables of content, watermarks, print locations and content formatting—each of which can be driven by Asset Suite data.

Distribution and Storage

DocPlus provides a variety of options for document distribution, local storage, printing, faxing, e-mail and EDMS storage. All of these functions are readily accessible from within Asset Suite.

Active Form PDFs

Also, DocPlus can create Active Form PDFs, which vendors or workers in the field can complete. The data is automatically uploaded to your EAM system using DataGlance™ MapPlus / Service Plus technology.

Easy Setup, Easy to Use

DocPlus is an add-on document generation tool for Asset Suite, in which you simply redirect the standard Print and Print Preview buttons to the DocPlus application. DataGlance™ clients can use DocPlus to create, view, and print a single seamless PDF (and other file types) that includes all of information contained within the base line Asset Suite document. In addition, users can embed or attach documents, and easily import data from other systems. With the DocPlus tool and minimal training, client IT organizations can quickly become self-sufficient at creating and customizing any document that is currently generated within Asset Suite.


Because DocPlus is an add-on application that is independent of Asset Suite, client IT organizations can quickly respond to user change requests—without the need to modify any Asset Suite COBOL code. The DataGlance™ Document Designer is unaffected by upgrades or patches to Asset Suite, and therefore provides users with the ability to make extensive customizations that are easily distributable to others. When it is necessary to apply an upgrade to Asset Suite, documents created with DataGlance™ will continue to function without any modification—so long as there have been no changes to the supporting database. All of this translates into significantly lower costs of your application upgrades.

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