DataGlance President and CEO, Ashok Shetty

Ashok Shetty

President and Chief Executive Officer

Ashok Shetty is the Founder and CEO of DataGlance, Inc. Prior to starting DataGlance in 2001 Ashok had over 15 years’ experience working with Enterprise Applications, Relational Databases and other data related products. Ashok worked as a database and performance tuning expert at Indus International, Inc. He also was the Director of Engineering at Ebates, and he was Vice President of Operation at

Ashok was the primary visionary and architect of the DataGlance Framework suite of software which is a Metadata Driven based Architecture that provides a comprehensive modular Enterprise Data Management platform. Ashok and his team of highly skilled developers next created the first mobile work management application (electronic Work Package – eWP) capable of meeting the complex requirements of the nuclear industries work management process. This eWP mobile application is highly integrated into the customer’s existing EAM system and provides an extremely affordable and effective means to improve work process productivity and work quality.

Ashok received a Masters’ degree in Computer Science from University of Mumbai.