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ANS Utility Leadership Award – Lee Rogers

The Utility Leadership Award is present to Lee Rogers in recognition of his leading role in the development, promotion, design and implementation of electronic work packages.

The-Utility-Leadership-Award-–-Lee-Rogers---01 Mr. Rogers is a nuclear engineer with 38 years of commercial nuclear experience. 28 of these years were acquired working at nuclear sites in numerous maintenance, operations and engineering positions, 8 years with EPRI and 2 years with DataGlance. Mr. Rogers is the “father” of the electronic Work Package (eWP). One of Mr. Rogers’ projects at EPRI was research and development in the area of mobile work management (eWP).

In 2011, while at EPRI, he developed the typical nuclear plant maintenance and operations electronic work flow process, quantified the benefits for such a process and promoted this concept at numerous utility executive meetings. In October 2013 he published the first EPRI Technical Update 30020000597 “Improving the Execution and Productivity of Maintenance with Electronic Work Packages”. Mr. Rogers joined DataGlance in the fall of 2013 to assist the eWP industry transition from the theoretical design to real world execution of eWP in an operating nuclear facility.

The-Utility-Leadership-Award-–-Lee-Rogers---02 With Mr. Rogers’ insight and guidance Exelon’s Clinton nuclear station was the first commercial site to go live with eWP in July of 2014. Since then, a total of 9 nuclear sites have implemented eWP with many more scheduled or planned. Mr. Roger’s contribution to the development, promotion, design and implementation of eWP, personally helping to move it from the drawing board to the crafts hands, clearly displays his leadership in bringing this extremely positive new technology to the nuclear industry.

Within 5 years electronic work packages will become the standard throughout the industry, and this innovation will be seen as the foundation on which many more maintenance, operations and engineering process improvements are built.