• Guide Your Workforce to Improved Performance

    Our computer based procedures solution dynamically guides users through work instructions using if/then/else, if/then, and when/then logic – increasing efficiency and reducing human error.

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  • Empower Your Workforce to Do More Daily

    Our electronic work package solutions automate document validation and QA record archiving, accelerate work execution, and enable anytime – anywhere job status and closeout review.

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  • Efficiency at the Touch of a Finger

    DataGlance’s DGPro eWork Solutions are an advanced suite of on-demand field-tested work apps available via single click access that empowers and enables your workforce to maximize efficiency.

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  • Bring Experts to the Field Instantly From Anywhere

    DataGlance’s DGPro eKnowledge Solutions ​bring experts to the field via Merged and Augmented Reality; capturing and storing it for later use.

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The DataGlance Promise

Reduce Costs

Our solutions are so efficient, we guarantee a reduction in operating costs. Our customers can expect to see an impressive decrease in administrative time, paper costs, work redundancy and more.

Increase Productivity

With the DGPro Solution Suite, you can be sure that your workforce is performing the maximum amount of work, each and every day. We have a proven track record of creating additional time each day for extra tasks.

Improve Quality

Lower costs and increased productivity don’t have to come at a price. With DataGlance, you don’t have to sacrifice your high standards of quality. In fact, our customers see a marked increase after implementing our solutions.

DGPro eWork Solutions

DataGlance’s DGPro eWork solution digitizes the end-to-end work package process from generation to quality record filing.  Our electronic work package solutions support complex work order driven maintenance, simple service request based work, and procedure centric operations; all while capturing and structuring work derived data, enabling real and near real-time schedule updates, and allowing anytime, anywhere review of work progress.

DGPro eKnowledge Solutions

DataGlance’s DGPro eKnowledge solution fully enables the digital capture of inherent organizational knowledge.  This media is structured to ensure easy retrieval and knowledge of its availability when needed.  Our solutions further provide for real-time, remote sharing of expert knowledge through merged and augmented reality.