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DGPro™ is an advanced suite of on-demand field-tested work apps available via single click access that empowers and enables your workforce to maximize efficiency
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Reduce Costs

Our solutions are so efficient, we guarantee a reduction in operating costs. Our customers can expect to see an impressive decrease in administrative time, paper costs, work redundancy and more.

Increase Productivity

With the DGPro™ Solution Suite, you can be sure that your workforce is performing the maximum amount of work, each and every day. We have a proven track record of creating additional time each day for extra tasks.

Improve Quality

Lower costs and increased productivity don’t have to come at a price. With DataGlance, you don’t have to sacrifice your high standards of quality. In fact, our customers see a marked increase after implementing our solutions.

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What is eMaintain?

With eMaintain, field pros can streamline work package processes by reducing or eliminating many of the manual and administrative tasks associated with conventional systems. This paperless solution electronically creates, delivers, and tracks your mission critical work packages throughout the work management process - from the moment that they are ready to work through to completion. Even record archiving becomes a smooth and seamless task. eMaintain integrates with your existing Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system to manage work package status, track progress and synchronize data throughout the work package life cycle. eMaintain ensures less paper, less time, and less cost.

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What is eRoutine?

With eRoutine, you eliminate the paperwork and also many of the manual/administrative tasks that are part of smaller, conventional paper-based processes. Though similar to eMaintain, eRoutine is specifically designed for simple, smaller work tasks that can take advantage of an overall streamlined and simplified work process. eRoutine electronically creates, delivers, and tracks smaller work tasks through the entire work management process - from the time that each is ready to work through to completion. If necessary, eRoutine will help you seamlessly archive the records. eRoutine can be used independently, but is ready for integrations with your existing Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system to manage work task status, track progress, and synchronize data throughout the work task life cycle.

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What is ePerform?

ePerform gives your field professionals instant access to an updated Mobile Document Library (MDL) containing the latest version of all documents that are relevant as they perform their tasks. In the field, your professionals can select from a variety of document types , including procedures, drawings, forms, data sheets, and manuals, from their Mobile Document Library (MDL). The field pro can create a uniquely trackable “working copy package”, even if he is disconnected from the Internet. If necessary, your field pro can then add more documents and media to their working copy package.ePerform can also be configured to manage the working copy package through a easy-to-use predefined, user-defined, or ad hoc workflow to electronically track and optimize for successful task performance/completion. When using ePerform together with eMaintain or eRoutine, any of the documents in the ePerform Mobile Document Library (MDL) can be copied to any eMaintain work package or an eRoutine minor work task. This integrated capability provides field professionals with immediate worksite access to an extensive amount of information, which can significantly improve their productivity and work quality.

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What is eCollaborate?

eCollaborate provides three methods for your field professionals to obtain immediate job site assistance: by using, audio, video, or merged video reality. Using your secure company Wi-Fi network, field professionals can hold discussions, demonstrate, and even use two-way merged live video to obtain assistance. There’s no need for them to leave the job site. With merged video reality, your field professionals can present a live field video feed of the condition. The video feed is merged to a remote recipient, who can use virtual tools to point, telestrate, annotate frozen images, use hand gestures, take pictures, and even add real objects into the merged reality scene.

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What is eTest?

eTest is a mobile electronic solution for performing complex specialized tests, such as Ultrasonic Testing (UT). UT requires extensive detailed documentation of the weld location, test equipment used, test equipment settings, flaw characterization parameters, and independent verification of results. eTest automates most UT, and eliminates or significantly reduces the potential for human documentation and performance errors. With eTest, your UT professionals accomplish more because they by can focus their expertise on locating and characterizing flaws instead of managing excessive test documentation.

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