Providing Your Field Pros with the Tools for Optimal Performance

ePerform provides your field professionals a complete Mobile Document Library (MDL) that contains the latest version of all the relevant documents (procedures, drawings, forms, data sheets, manuals, training videos, etc.) they might need to perform a task. A field professional can select a document from the MDL to create a uniquely tracked ePerform package with the option to add additional documents and media to the package. ePerform will track this package through a predefined or ad hock user defined work flow to electronically track and manage successful task performance.

When ePerform is used together with eMaintain or eRoutine, the documents contained in the ePerform Mobile Document Library (MDL) can be copied to any eMaintain work package or eRoutine minor work task. This integrated capability provides field professionals immediate work-site access to large quantities of information to improve productivity and work quality.

Features and Benefits:
  • Access to a fully functioning Mobile Document Library from any location
  • Ability to create and add to existing working copy packages from the field
  • Partially completed procedures can be checked in and checked back out (to the same or different devices) as many times as needed until the procedure is completed
  • Completely paperless
  • Functions in both online and offline modes
  • Support for multiple platforms (Windows, iOS and Android)
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